Plate Letters

Aluminum Letters Provide Durability and Many Architectural Finishes including Anodized, Brushed, Painted, and Powder Coated.

One of our most popular styles of letters is aluminum. The primary reasons are the cost effectiveness of the metal, along with greater design flexibility. Because aluminum lettering can take on a wide range of looks, and because it is durable and priced for affordability, it’s an excellent option to consider for your company's image.

How do you want to be perceived? Traditional and established? Cast aluminum letters are the perfect choice. Modern and sophisticated? Polished, flat-cut or brushed aluminum lettering is quite impressive. Additionally, anodized aluminum letters offer the most durable architectural finish, even in harsh conditions.

We can manufacture from as thin as .063 inch material to .5 inch. We have access to over 5,000 fonts and endless clipart options. These can be installed with studs or with 3-M VHB (very High Bond) tape.

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