Vinyl Lettering

To produce cost effective and professional looking signs, a lot of people use vinyl lettering. Vinyl can be cut into almost shape or font you desire. This can then be stuck onto any surface - depending on the type of vinyl and its durability. Vinyl comes in a range of vinyl colors and shades, a few of which can be found below:

Exhibition Vinyl

This vinyl is a soft PVC film with a matt surface. It is ideal for use in die-cut and computer systems for both short and medium term outdoor application, for displays and exhibition stands. The adhesive is temporary, so you can easily remove the vinyl after use. It comes on a backing paper which has one side coated with silicone - this makes removal of the vinyl from the backing paper that much easier. After application, it is expected to last for upto 3 years.

Banner Vinyl

Banner vinyl is a very flexible PVC film with a silk - matt surface and has been specifically developed for short to medium-term lettering and decoration, on a range of flexible plastic surfaces. In order to make application as painless as possible, it is recommended that it is applied wet. The adhesive is permanent so as to prevent removal by the weather or otherwise. The backing paper is silicone coated on one side to make removal of the vinyl effortless. This vinyl is expected to last up to 3 years after application.

Premium Cast

This vinyl is a high performance cast PVC film, with excellent dimensional stability, meaning it is much more conformable to uneven, or dipped surfaces. It has a high gloss finish, but the black and white are also available in a matt finish. It is ideal for jobs that require durability and solidity, and is also particularly suitable for vehicle and public transport system advertising. The gloss finished surface is more suitable for thermal transfer (with resin ribbons) than the matt finish. The adhesive is permanent. It comes on a one-sided silicone paper for easy removal. The black and white vinyls are expected to last up to 10 years after application, and the colored, 8 years.

Wrapping Cast

This is a cast PVC film with outstanding dimensional stability for application to contoured surfaces. It is available up to a width of 1520mm.

Static Cling Ons

These are for temporary, cost efficient projects. They are easily applied and removed. These can also be stored for later applications (ie: changing holidays and hours to weekly or monthly promotions).

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